This is by far the largest event of the year. Every year we open up the school in the evening for a multitude of games and activities. The PTO sells tickets prior to (at a discounted rate 5/$1) the event and at the event as well (4/$1). The courtyard is packed with 2-ticket games like bowling, fishing, lollipop tree... There are other activities like a silent auction (18yrs or older, cash bids) and guessing jars (1 ticket/guess). Bounce-houses are set up and there is also a cake-walk. Come out for the evening and enjoy some fun times with family and friends!


Volunteer Opportunities 


Before the event

Collect auction baskets from classrooms and wrap with cellophane and ribbon.

Find volunteers to create guessing jars.

Collect gift card donations from local businesses (PTO provides form letter)

Bundle tickets (take the roll and create $1, $5, $10, and $20 bundles for easy sales)

Check status and condition of the games (pull out and check for broken missing parts)

Other tasks to be handed out...... 

During the event

Sell tickets, cotton candy, popcorn etc.

Staff the Guessing jar tables/Silent auction area

Run any games that need help - we usually get Eldorado High students to run most if not all the games

Manage the bounce-houses, obstacle courses, cake walk, soda toss, etc...

Other various jobs - runners, floaters....


I\'m interested in helping!

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