meeting minutes 4/19/2018

Recap of events

--PPP night - $140

--Science Night was well attended, HW passes were a big draw

Principal Report

-- 1/2 Assistant Principal next year

-- 1/2 Redirector next year

-- will lose 1 teacher next year


--Setup will offically start at 3pm, but could be as early as 12 noon.  

--Clint will email the assigned listing of games so Room Parents know what game they are responsible for

--Mrs Barker (Corbett) will be in charge of Pie-in-the-face 

--Clint will talk to Mrs Baca and Mr Fitzgerald about using their rooms from Tattoos and Face Painting

--Asked for more help in modifying games

----Kessel run - Barry

----get large cardboard boxes for garbage chute

--EHS Kids

----~10-15 cadets

----~10 band

Moving on

--Joy Payne is leading it this year and will contact Bailey to let her know

Box Tops - one more contest this year

Yearbooks will be delivered to classrooms on 5-14

BOGO bookfair is 5/14-16

Field day is 5/21

Next Board mtg 5/10

Next general mtg 5/17 - will vote in new president/vp

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