General PTO Meeting Minutes 1/24/2018

  • General PTO Meeting Minutes 1/24/2018
  • Children's Choice- Richard- interested in publishing a cookbook written and illustarted by a student, could possibly be sold as a fundraiser for the school
  • Budget:      

                   Voting on Proposals:

                               -Schoolwide Proposals:

                                  -Tumblebooks: Grades 3-5 leveled reading that can be accessed at home- 2 yr subscription-                                            $1278.00,  3yr- $1678.00-   For:11, Against:0

                                  -Flocabulary: 1 yr subscription- $1700.00-     For:11, Against:0

                                  -Raz Kids: Grades K-2 leveled reading with bilingual books-1 yr subscrition- $1200.00-  For:10,                                             Against:1

                                  -Bookflix- will be dropped 10/2018

                              -Coach Proposal:

                                  -Disc Golf for all grades- $792, writing a curriculum for other schools- For:11,  Against:0

                             -4th Grade Proposal: 

                                       -Books: 5 different book sets of 25- $625.75- will be stored in leveled book room- For:11,                                                   Against:0

                                        -Atlases: 75 Atlases- $624.00- will be in 4th grade classrooms- For:11, Against:0

                             -Counselor Proposal: 

                                   - Second Step Classroom Kit: Grades 4-5- $440.00- SAMSHA Registry- For: 11, Against:0

                             -Arndt Proposal: 

                                    -Osmo- $100.00- For:11, Against:0

         Book Fair: 2/26/18- 3/2/2018- will be run by Sabrina Zamora

         Valentine's Dance- 2/9/2018, 6:00-7:30pm

                 -Cheesy Street Food Truck- 5:30pm

                 -Bake Sale

                 -Family dance- no babysitting or dates!

         Peter Piper Pizza Night- 3/7/2018- new Juan Tabo location

        Library: top cat reader shirts are being ordered, expected to arrive in 1 month

        Spring Fest- 5/4/2018, 5:00-7:30pm, Star Wars Theme


                              -Games (guessing jars are now in games): Elena/Clint/Traci

                                      -Room parents- set up

                                      -Cake Walk- Sabrina Z.

                             - Food Trucks: Elena/Clint/Traci

                             -Tickets: Beth W.

                             -Silent Auction: Lisa B./ Rachel H.

                             -Ninja Park: scheduled-$50.00 set up, $90.00/hr, warped wall is another $30.00/hr

                            -High Desert Pipes: Play/ collect tickets

New President???

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 8:00am

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