PTO Meeting Minutes 8/25/2017



PTO Meeting ~ August 25th, 2017

  • Introductions

o    7 new room parents

o   Sabrina Zamora- running Bookfair

o   Barry Barenberg- Treasurer

o   Lisa Barenberg- Fundraising

o   Joy- Boxtops

  • Old business:

o   Boohoo Breakfast (thanks Rachael)

  • Library

o   Volunteers needed, must have current background clearance

o   See Gwenda or Tracey Nichols for more information

  • Principal

o   Need to add two educational assistants and one primary teacher, hoping for at least the primary teacher

o   Character/ Medal of Honor Program- going well

o   Solar Eclipse viewing was a success, thanks to the generous donation of viewing glasses

  • Budget:

o   Overview

o   PE request for rollerblades ($1700) and fencing ($800)

o   Vote for Budget- unanimously passed

  • Family Fitness night (Sept 22 5-6:30)

o   AKKA, YMCA, i9, Flamingo Ice, Bebe Pediatrics, chiropractor-maybe, Jazzercise-maybe

o   Silent auction- 2 bikes that won’t be used in P.E.

  • Jog-a-thon (Oct 6 -8am) (same day as Abq Aloft)

o   Sponsors need to be definite by Sept 1st to be on shirt ($100 donation)

o   EHS Soccer kids are a maybe for help

o   Volunteers for set-up, water table, otter pops, break down (have official sign up sheet next meeting)

  • Science Fair (October 19)

o   In the works (more to come later)

o   Will need volunteers for set up, break down, judging

  • Interested in becoming President?

o   Anyone interested is encouraged to come and “shadow” the current Presidents


o   Beth Whiston- Yearbook

  • Online sales just as successful as in person
  • Less waste, exact number is ordered
  • VOTE

o   Treasurer- Barry Barenberg- unanimously passed

o   Fundraising- Lisa Barenberg- unanimously passed

  • NEXT MEETING: September 29, 2017 at 8:00am
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