PTO General Meeting - 1/17/17

PTO General Meeting

January 17, 2017

Meeting began: 8:05am


  • O’Neills night
    • It was a huge success. There was a 45 minute line out the door.
    • We will receive 15% instead of 10% since we received a lot of Facebook likes.
    • The donation box has made approximately $750 and we estimate receiving around $500 from O’Neills.


  • Bigglesnorts night:
    • It is canceled. They have closed their doors.


  • Deb update:
    • Please be aware that the parking rules are in place for the children’s safety. The staff is not trying to be mean, just trying to keep kids safe.


  • Roller Skate City:
    • The rink is back open. It is now called the Roller King. If you go there, please ask about setting up John Baker skate nights. We have been trying to call with no response.


  • Fractal Night:
    • February 24, 2017.
    • It is a 30 minute activity that costs us $200.
    • It is put on by the famous Fractal Foundation.
    • We will have a donation box out so parents can donate if they so choose, to help cover the expenses.
    • 6pm-7:30pm.


  • Book Fair
    • Feb 27-March 3.
    • Traci Nichols is taking over the organization of the event. Parent volunteers will help run it during the day.
    • We will Put an online sign up sheet out for volunteering.


  • Yearbook:
    • We have sold 55 books so far.
    • Buying yearbooks is being advertised on the school website, through email, backpack flyers.
    • April 3rd: Deadline to order if you want to receive it at school. It is also the last day to personalize your two free individual pages.


  • Box Tops:
    • The next collection date is: February 17, 2017


  • Springfest:
    • We will conduct a Room Parent meeting to specifically address Springfest.
    • Division of Tasks:
      • Erin: Tickets. We are going to try to do pre-ordering in the classroom. Pre-Orders will be accepted through Wednesday and will be delivered to classroom on Thursday.
      • Traci/Clint: Food Trucks, Water, Popcorn, Cotton Candy
      • Rachel: Silent Auction, Guessing Jars (Melanie?), Lisa might help with it as well.
    • Room Parents will be needed to “Adopt a Game” for each classroom. They will pick the game, set it up, find volunteers to run it, tear it down, etc.
    • We are looking into a new bouncer jump house. It is $700 so we could charge 5 tickets ($1) to each child, hoping that we would get 700 to go through it. We need to check on the size and how to tie it down.
    • There will be a future meeting to discuss picking up donations for Springfest.
  • Next Meetings
    • General Meeting: February 23nd at 8am.
    • Board Meeting: Tuesday, February 7th at 8am.


  • Clint task items:
    • Send room parents an email regarding box tops.
    • In early April, send an email to explain the new process for Springfest Tickets
    • Set up a Room Parent Meeting for Springfest.
    • Attend the staff meeting and inform the teachers they will pick the game for their classroom.
    • Call and find out about the Bouncer Jump House, whether it can be sand bagged, etc.
    • Create online sign up sheet out for volunteering.
    • As the Room parents to tell regular parents about Konstella.
    • Send out information Konstella email.


Meeting concluded: 8:55am

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