4-11-2016 General Meeting Minutes

Welcome –

Attendance: 12

Board Memebers: Clint and Traci Hobart, Elena Gallegos, Erin Zetocha, Rachael Hush

Others: Deb Henley, Richard Patnaude, Crickett Cannaday, Gwenda McLamb, 

Teachers: Ann Pauls-Neal, Chasity Marquez, Dani Carver


Old Business:

  Discussion of Explora Night - Grant written by Thordahl, night was well attended

  Yearbook order deadline has passed, ended up with 356 books ordered (loss of ~$356 under the renegotiated contract, about $130 more than if we hadn't renegotiated)  next year we will base the price on ~250 yearbook order since that is the number of online orders we had.

  Quick discussion of PTO spending on fieldtrips.  reasserted that we are not going to use funds to offset field trip costs, we want the money to go to things that will last for years

 2nd grade will be using some money to buy planters and supplies to use with earth day teachings

 Kinder recieved their OSMO genius kits for their iPads

  4th grade recieved 4 pencil sharpeners  - PTO reminded them of their original request for planters that was declined, and that if they wish to pursue it under the earthday premise, that we would approve.

  1st grade recieved 2 pencil sharpeners

Roller Skate City Night - had over 70 in attendance - still waiting on check

Treasurer Report - no much since we haven't had any other expenditures/income that has not already been covered

Principal Report - nothing (Deb was in attendance for Jill)

New Business


Sign ups - had them out - they are in the teachers lounge, and an email will be sent out to parents

Guessing Jar Update - ~35 so far, will take more, but not advertising

Baskets Update - Teachers are signing up for their theme - wrapping supplies will be in the library for the teachers to wrap their own baskets.  Ann will have PE classes outside the day of springfest

Food Update - last years food trucks are returning - working on getting 1 more (hotdog)

Games Update

-Layout Changes: Cakewalk will be in Cafeteria, and Jars and Baskets will be in the gym so we can shut it down at 7 with the rock wall

EHS Student help - Miskee Blatner from EHS is working on getting kids for us (as is Brad Dubbs) - Ann texted her to get an update.

Moving On Update - Meeting scheduled for 4/21 @ 2:15

Kindergarten Night - Presidents will be present to meet and greet

Schedule next meeting (Last one of the year) - Scheduled for 5/11 @5:30 - likely to discuss new Bylaws, and will vote in board members (Pres, VP, and Treas)

Open Floor - nothnig


-Written by Clint Hobart

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