Staff Luncheons

Teacher and staff luncheons are held 4 times per school year. Families are asked to donate 2 times during the year. Donations include items such as main dishes, soft drinks, utensils, paper products, etc. Even decorations are welcome (plastic table cloths, plastic flowers, etc.). If you send items in crock pots, or other dishes (glass, ceramic, etc.), yes these items will be returned to you and CLEAN. Our teachers and staff do a fabulous job in teaching, nurturing, and caring for our children. Staff luncheons are a great way for us to show our appreciation and support for what they do. Items are dropped off at the front desk, or sent in with your child. Please sign up and help us continue to show them that we have their back. If you have questions or concerns regarding the Teacher and Staff luncheons, please contact Rachael Hush (HOSPITALITY)

The schedule for this year is as follows:


September TBD:   (4th and 5th grade families)

December TBD:    All grade levels needed to donate.

February TBD: 2nd and 3rd grade parents will provide the meals

April TBD: K and 1st grade parents will provide the meals


Volunteer Opportunities:

Provide main dishes, desserts, side dishes, drinks.... (not those kind of drinks)


I'm Interested!


If you have any questions about staff luncheons, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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