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John Baker PTO

The John Baker Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit organization whose primary functions are to raise funds to supplement classroom needs, and to foster a positive community here at John Baker through fun activities and family events.

Fund Raising

Last year the PTO raised enough funds to help support the following items.

Printing services:
3rd, 4th, and 5th grade agendas
Postcards for meet your teacher event
Any Event Flyers

Field trips:
Buses for ISP Students to attend field trips.

Book clubs:
T-shirts for "Top-Cat" readers (Students involved in 3 or more book clubs).

Classroom supplies:
PE awards – to encourage physical activity
$200 to each classroom at mid-year for additional supplies

5th Grade Moving On reception:
Food, sodas and DJ for the big kids

Ways We Fund Raise - See the individual pages for details on these.

Shopper Cards:

Smiths and Albertsons grocery stores have programs that you can link your shopper cards to John Baker Elementary, and we get a portion of your weekly purchases.  Last year this totaled over $2400 in donations to the school.

For Smiths, just follow the instructions below:


You might be able to have the cashier at Albertsons scan the image below straight off your phone.


Target will also let you link your Target Red Card to John Baker through their Take Charge of Education program.


Box Tops: Box Tops
The school gets $0.10 for each boxtop - last year we received more than$1400!!! Way to go Joy!


Campbell's soup labels: Labels For Education
Earns PE equipment for the school.


Jog-A-Thon: Jog-a-Thon
Kids get pledges for running laps - 100% of the money raised goes to John Baker Elementary.

Jog-A-Thon brings in about $5000 to the school.


Springfest: Springfest
Not only a big fund raiser, but a fun night here at John Baker. Last year we cleared $6500 for the school.


Bookfairs: Bookfair

The two bookfairs that occur at John Baker benefit our students by promoting reading, and they benefit the school with funds for various programs.  Last year we cleared $2300 for the school.


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